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One-stop Sourcing


We will work with you as your purchasing team in China, you will get quality products at great price with excellent service.

We launch the One-Stop Sourcing program in the background :

In the past years, there are many old customers requesting BORTE to help them source the products which are not available on our website. Fortunately, all these customers are very satisfied with our sourcing program and they’re happy to pay us 5% commission. After these successful sourcing experiences, we conclude the following reasons why these customers can get more than 5% through our One-stop sourcing service :


1st, As we have an professional and experienced sourcing team who have good knowledge of electrical&mechanical products. And We’re more informative about the chinese factories. We know how to select and identify the most qualified manufacturers in China. We can do effective negotiation with the suppliers on the prices and other business terms.


2nd, We can establish efficient communication with the factories because of the language. Some of the factories supply good quality products by a competitive prices, but they don’t have english-speaking salesman and english website. And BORTE source team can easily be available to these factories because we have many local portal tools for digging out these good factories.


3rd, We can do systematic and effective quality control for the goods and elimination of any risk.


4th, We can arrange an efficient delivery and documents support based on our rich experience and knowledge of the international business.


5th, We can arrange an efficient and happy trip for the customers if the customers want to visit the factories.


6th, We have an efficient ERP system and you can track your order information for ever. All your order information will be kept confidentially.


7th, We get much discount from our cooperated logistics including inland trasporation, sea freight, air freight, courrier freight.


8th, We can control the quality strictly and get a better after-sale service direct from the supplier including accessories, repair, knowledge support. 


Our one-stop sourcing scope are mainly for electrical and mechanical products such as welding&cutting products, generators, power tools, handy tools, garden tools, lathe machines, some industrial equipments, etc.


Know how our One-Stop Sourcing works? Click  “One-Stop Sourcing Workflow