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Advantages and disadvantages of inverter welder


1. Small size, light weight, saving manufacturing materials, portable and easy to move
The basic characteristics of inverter welder is high opearting frequency, so it bringing many advantages. The transformer, both the original winding or secondary winding, its electric potential (E), the current frequency (f), magnetic flux density (B), section area of the iron core (S) and winding (W) is as follows: E=4.44fBSW
As the frequency of inverter welding machine is much higher than the operating frequency, so the transformer size and weight will be greatly reduced. Similarly, substantial increase in operating frequency, the reactor's size and weight will be drastically reduced.


2. Flexible control
Inverter welder apply electric drive semiconductor power devices, it can precise control of the size of the current in the microsecond range. Control to improve the accuracy significantly improved precision welding and cutting, meet the needs of a variety of welding methods. The welding current of traditional welding machine adjust only by manual adjustment transformer. It make arc stability is poor and unable to accurately control the welding process, it is difficult to meet the requirements of welding refined.


3. Energy saving and high efficiency
The transformers and reactors of inverter welding machine greatly reduces the size and weight, the corresponding power loss (mainly magnetic core loss and conductors energy consumption) also will be greatly reduced, the effective power output up to 82% ~ 93% . The traditional welding machine effective power output only 40% to 60%, it is serious waste of power resources.


4. Output voltage and current stability
Inverter welder has anti-interference, less susceptible to voltage fluctuations and temperature changes. Traditional welding machine apply AC power, because the direction of current and voltage change frequently, the arc extinguished and re-ignited 100 ~ 120 times per second, arc not continuous and stable combustion, making the workpiece heating time is longer and reducing the strength of the weld.


Inverter welder disadvantages:
Inverter welding machine mainly related to more electronic components, complex structure, production process debugging, testing, parameter setting difficult.